We're a team on a mission!

We are creating a new paradigm in language learning: a way to genuinely get fluent without having to go and live abroad. 


Our values

We're a diverse team hailing from more than 20 countries, united by our obsession with creating something extraordinary! 

These are our values: 

Speak-1 Transparency 

All cards are on the table. If we have
reservations about a decision
or course of action, it's ok to speak up. 

Rocket-1 Action

As the band Rush said, "If you choose not to decide,
you still have made a choice." We might as well make
choices that move us forward!

Brain-1 Respect 

We can be honest with each other,
frustrated with each other, direct
with each other, and still be respectful. 

Lightning-1 Ownership 

Everyone needs to own both the problems and the
solutions we will continually face. We are going to
win or lose as a team. 


Come join us!

If that sounds like a set of principles you can live by,
and you're up for hybrid working, from our awesome
East London office 2 days a week (or more)
- then get in touch!