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Learning a language changes people’s lives. FACT.


Learning a language changes who you are, how you see the world, and how you interact with the world.


Learning the languages of the world creates countless new experiences. It connects families. Expands minds. Brings pure happiness. But for some reason… many people think learning a language is more of a dreamlike fairy tale than an achievable goal.

To that we say: “RUBBISH!” 


You CAN learn a language. And after reading this complete guide to learning a new language: you WILL learn a language. In fact: many people get addicted to language learning. So you might even be speaking 2 or 3 languages (or more) before you know it. Did you know the people who speak several languages are the ones with the best stories to tell?


The ability to communicate and be understood in another language is at your fingertips. For real. Forget learning an ‘old language’ like Latin or Hebrew that you can’t use in real life. We’re going to share some tips, links, key advice and videos on learning a living language for effective use in the real world.

¡estupendo! / excellent ça va, et toi ? / I'm good, and you?


Sound good? It's time to immerse yourself in another language. Hope you enjoy the ride ¿Cómo lo ves? Que lo disfrutes. Ha llegado el momento de que te sumerjas en un nuevo idioma. 👀


Why learn a second language?

Learning a second (or third language) doesn’t just let you go crazy with your travel plans. It can open multiple doors for you in your life. Personally. Professionally. Socially. Romantically. Geographically. Culturally. Mentally. We could go on… 

A language lets you connect with new people, cultures and countries. This opens up new opportunities and experiences. Trust us: the feeling of communicating with someone in another language is an incredible feeling like no other.


Why is learning a foreign language important?

So… remind me: Why learn a new language?

Many raise a questioning eyebrow to unfamiliar cultures. Speaking with locals in their native language brings an understanding, appreciation and love for their traditions and ways of life. Immersing yourself in a foreign language is a reminder that it’s not all about you. Now go and explore cool cultures and make friends along the way.



Is it the best time in history to learn a new language?

Approximately 1.2 billion people are learning a new language as you read this. That’s right: there really has never been a better time to learn a new language.

 1.2 billion people are learning a language


 We believe there has never EVER been a better time to learn a new language. Seriously. Here’s why:


Here’s why:

  • You can make friends anywhere in the world.

The world is becoming more diversified and multicultural by the minute. 258 million people live in a different country to their birth country. This means language helps you make friends, anywhere.

  • Stuck inside, why not improvise?

COVID-19 told us to stay at home and eat crisps. The point is: it’s been reflective. People are re-assessing their goals, looking at past regrets, making bucket lists. The end result? Motivation is high. Let’s learn.

  • Learning a new language online in a low-stress learning environment.

Speaking in another language for the first time in front of people is scary. The rise in language learning technology (*cough* cool language learning apps like us) creates a safe learning space where mistakes are welcome and you can practice without fear. 


Want to grab these advantages of learning a foreign language with both hands? Starting learning from native speakers by registering online now.


Want to grab these advantages of learning a foreign language with both hands? Starting learning with native speakers by registering online now.


Start learning a language now 


Benefits of learning a second language?

You might lose count. So pick out your motivations for learning a new language from this list:

 benefits of learning a language


  • Geographical benefits

Always dreamed of living in another country? Never had the courage to take the leap? Learn a language and take the leap.

  • Social benefits

Understand and communicate with real people. Make friends with people you never would’ve never met without a second language.

  • Cultural benefits

Language carries the culture of a country or place within it. So when you learn one, you become a part of that culture too. It also gives you increased perspective and open-mindedness – which boosts your cultural awareness.

  • Personal benefits 

Language can help you find and explore your interests, mould your personality and become whoever you want to be. Professional sushi eater? Bull runner? You decide.

  • Romantic benefits

Need to know how to say ‘will you marry me?’ in French? You’d be amazed how many lovers meet through using a second language.

  • Professional benefits

Boost your employability prospects and advance your career: 


U.S. job postings asking for bilingual candidates more than doubled between 2010 and 2015. And the 3.5 million job openings posted by job site Indeed.com in 2020 saw increased demand for bilingual candidates. The business world is globalised, meaning bi-linguists are required EVERYWHERE.


Best languages to learn for business

Memrise Spanish course, Memrise Chinese course, Memrise French course

Japan has one of the world’s strongest economies and is home to mega-corporations like Toyota Motor, Mitsubishi, Honda, Sony, and Softbank. Learn Japanese to work in Japan or/and speak with clients.


Companies are always looking to do business in China: the world’s 2nd largest economy. Equip yourself with some Mandarin and you can speak with around 13% of the world’s population.


With the 3rd largest economy in Europe, French is an important language for business. It’s also widely used throughout the United Nations, African Union and European Union.


Did you know about 527 million people speak Spanish globally? Speaking Spanish means you can work and speak with people from Spain, Mexico, the US, and across South America.


Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland. Say yes to those European business trips.

Brain benefits of learning a new language:

Learning a language literally makes your brain bigger. Check these benefits out:

  • Language learners are less likely to experience dementia and other memory problems later in life.
  • Knowing another language doubles your cognitive recovery rate within a year of suffering a stroke, and allows you approximately an extra 4 to 5 years of symptom-free living if you have Alzheimer’s.
  • Improves cognitive functions like decision-making, observation and overall memory.
  • It helps you understand your own language even better and communicate stronger.
  • Speaking a new language can increase your attention span and ability to multitask as you translate words in your head while you’re talking.

Mental health and social benefits of learning a second language.


For example:

  • It helps you make meaningful connections with others – which can prevent loneliness, anxiety and depression.

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem, plus your own self-awareness.

An easy guide to learning a new language

Do you want to show off a few Japanese words at the sushi place down the street? So what? Or do you want to strike up cool conversations with people in a local Japanese izakaya while sipping in sake? We know what we’d rather…

Listen up. You’ve learnt a language before. After you were born: the first thing you did was learn a language. Easy to forget, right? This means our brains are wired to learn a language and you can learn a new language again. You just need to know how…👀

How to learn a language? Be Street Smart, Not Book Smart

The point of using language is to understand it and speak with others, right? Sounds simple. But it’s crazy how many learners get bogged down in the books and forget about this.

To survive (and thrive) in another country you need to use language in real-life situations. This is why you need to be Street Smart (NOT Book Smart) with your language learning. 


Nope, this isn’t about using street slang ‘DUDE!’ This is learning language to use in conversations with people in different situations. NOT how to memorise a textbook or pass an exam.

Our language courses teach you real language to speak with real people. It’s time to get Street Smart, not Book Smart with your language – and thrive off your real-world language competence.


Any skills needed to learn a language?

People aren’t born with special skills to learn a new language…

You don’t learn to swim by reading a textbook. You jump in and give the strokes a go.



Remember to practice little and often. Whether that’s 3 minutes listening before bed… some speaking in shower… or putting sticky notes on the cupboard where you keep your chocolate.


How to learn a language effectively

The ultimate question: how to learn a new language effectively? Where to begin? And do I have time? 🤔


Life is busy. We really feel this in adulthood. So the time you spend learning has to be put to best possible use. Need to put the kids to bed? Travelling to an evening language class on the other side of town might take time you don’t have…

Before thinking ‘how do I learn?’ Ask yourself:

  • When do I have time to learn?
  • Can I learn a language on my own?
  • Why do I want to do this? And how do I keep myself motivated?


It MUST fit into your life easily, letting you learn at your own pace and on your own time, while keeping you motivated.


Language immersion is the best method to learn a language

Nope. We’re not talking about changing your phone to another language. We mean understanding how a language works in real life. And the best way to do this is by immersing yourself in your target language. Living and breathing it!


Guide to learning a language by immersion

Practising language in another country enables you to learn a language while traveling. But that’s a little tricky right now (thanks COVID). But you don’t need to book an expensive holiday or time off work to immerse yourself in a language.

Language immersion means replicating the experience of living in your target language country.





Our app enables this by using 1000’s of audio and video clips of real locals speaking their native language to you; all in context and with their natural tone of voice, gestures and accent. This teaches you how words & phrases are used and also when they’re used in different situations. This immerses you because, in these quasi-real-life situations, you’ve heard the exact natural language you’ll hear in real life.


You can then speak these words and phrases aloud (using our speech recognition tests) without the embarrassment of getting it wrong.


Are you excited? Pick out a language course now.


Learn a language tips: how to immerse yourself


The key to language immersion is to input your target language in different forms. For example you can:


  • Learn a language with movies and TV series (Yes: You can learn languages ​​with Netflix).
  • Learn a language while playing games: video or board games. 
  • Learn languages ​​through audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Watch TV shows and films in your target language (with subtitles).
  • Learn a language by listening to music on Spotify and follow the lyrics as you listen.

Learn a language by reading children’s books in the language you’re learning to familiarise yourself with words, phrases and sentence structure. Diving into an adult novel is only going to confuse you at this stage.


What’s the best way to learn a language without immersion?

  • Sign up to classroom-based language classes and learn from a language teacher, or find a class online.
  • Learn languages with other people using language exchange partners online.

Easiest way to learn a language

Let’s be clear. If you wake up tomorrow and decide to live in the Netherlands, Argentina, or Korea (whatever country it may be)… Walking around in circles or staying there for a while won’t magically make you fluent. There’s not something in the water!

This is ‘submersion’, NOT immersion.



What’s the best age to learn a new language?


We know what you’re thinking… at/until what age can you learn a language? Stop right there: because whether you’re 6 or 66, learning a language IS possible. The idea that only children can learn a new language is rubbish. There is no ideal age to learn a foreign language that applies to everyone.

Many end up regretting not learning a second language. The good news is… your time is now. On our language app: we see people learning a new language as a kid, as a teenager/student, as an adult, and as a senior.


Learning a language as an adult 

Life is hectic as an adult. Job, kids, bills, cooking, cleaning, and other life admin. That’s why learning a language MUST NOT feel like one more chore on that never-ending to-do list. It has to be fun. Easy. Simple.

Practise little and often. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. (Did we mention repeat?) And you’ll learn to love these short & sharp sessions. It takes you 15 minutes to get into work? Perfect timing.

Hear 1000’s of videos of real people speaking their native tongue. Sign up online to learn languages with real locals now.


Fastest way to learn a language?



While there is no certified ‘fastest way’ for someone to learn a language, we believe immersive language learning can help you learn at a good pace. Why? Because language immersion lets you experience natural, authentic language: How it’s spoken and understood by real native speakers in real life. This means you don’t just learn words and phrases… you also know how to use them in reality to open up amazing conversations and new experiences for yourself. Awesome, right?


How long does it take to learn a new language?

This is an impossible question because it depends on:


  • Your motivations for learning a language: looking to travel without stress or for complete fluency?
  • The amount of learning practise you put in.
  • How you choose to learn (*language apps like us are pretty good… just saying*).


Depending on you as an individual, learning languages rapidly is achievable. Our app aims to teach you how to learn a language fast – for real use in real-life scenarios. That means with our courses: You can learn a language in a year, 1 month, 15 days, 1 week, 40 hours or just 15 mins a day – to get to a decent speaking level.


You CAN do this.


Top Tips for learning a language fast:

Once you conquer a language, you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face. Here are some useful strategies for learning a second language. Fast.


  • Keep doing what you love – but in another language.

Why only follow your interests in your native language? Whether you love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, listening to the sports news, or watching food videos. Doing something you love in another language keeps you motivated and engaged.

  • Test Yourself 🏋‍♀

If you’re not making mistakes… you’re not trying hard enough. Embrace mistakes and learn from them. Test yourself with thousands of short clips of native speakers using real language in context: here.


  • Be Street Smart, not Book Smart

You NEED to be Street Smart (not Book smart) with your language. Learn what you’ll use in the real world. We cannot emphasise this enough.




How to learn a language on your own

What are the difficulties of learning a second language?


The first challenge: finding the best way to learn on your own. Because this will be so different to learning a new language at school.


Remember: you are now your own boss. You decide the time spent, your learning goals and what you learn. But you’re not entirely on your own… the Memrise app’s learning reminders give you that extra bump you need when you’re feeling a bit lethargic.


You need a language learning system that fits into your life without disrupting it. After all, you’re probably trying to advance your career, keep up with friends, maybe even look after the kids (?) all at the same time.

Do you have time to go to a language class? Unlikely.

You need a way of learning that fits into your life without stress. Wouldn’t it be easier to practise phrases on your walk to the shops than drag yourself to a language class after a long day’s work?


Language learning methods: Where to learn a new language?

A question you’re itching to ask: where can I learn a new language?


Believe it or not… you don’t magically get language skills by studying stacks of language books. Having a brain full of words isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you know how and when to speak them in real life. Our language courses teach you exactly this. We like to call this being Street Smart, not Book Smart.


Language Learning Apps



Remember when you had a phone without google maps? When it comes to learning a language, technology is your friend. No need to stare at thick grammar books until your head hurts or fly somewhere and hope the language seeps into your skin. The rise of online learning software makes learning a language more accessible than ever. 😎

Always dreamed of speaking a second language? Our app is great on-the-go and also for learning a new language at home. So get comfortable, open your phone, and make it a reality. Get started: here.


Advice for learning a new language online?

There are many websites to learn languages. Whether it’s an online course, a speak-with-a-friend program, or an easy-to-use app (ummm hi 👀)… you’ve got a few options when it comes to learning a language online. With a working internet connection you’re spoilt for choice. You just need to pick out one that suits you best.

You might be thinking: ‘Surely an app is just a textbook on my phone, right?’ And yes… some apps are like this. They use the same bored voices that you probably heard during your school listening exams.

You need – no, DESERVE – something that’s super fun and engaging. Like an app that lets you listen and watch native speakers from anywhere you are. One that uses real-life words and phrases in different contexts. One that immerses you in your target language.


We can help you with that. We genuinely believe we’ve created the best site to learn a language. Log in via laptop or our app – start learning for free now.


Why learn languages ​​with Memrise?👋


Memrise is awesome for:

  • Learning on the go! Take learning with you wherever you are in the world.

  • Learning a language at home in your pyjamas with a glass of wine.

  • Learning a language through listening to hours of videos and audio of real native speakers teaching you (no robot voices here!).

  • Immersing yourself in language without booking an expensive plane ticket.

  • People who want to learn super useful vocabulary and phrases that they’ll actually use!

  • Motivation. Our courses are fun: reach into your pocket and start learning on your own time. Easy.


Memrise is less awesome for:

  • People who only want a piece of paper or certificate to prove they’ve learned something.

  • If you want to speak like a bored robot… (whatever floats your boat).


Wait a minute. You’re just saying this because this is Memrise.com!? Actually… NO.  


Learning a language should be fun and easy! That’s why our dedicated team of language specialists have worked long & hard to create what we genuinely believe to be the best language learning software out there.


Why is Memrise so good?

Memrise is awesome for:

  • Learning on the go. Wherever you are in the world.
  • Learning at home in your pyjamas with a glass of wine.
  • Learning a language in an immersive way.
  • Immersing yourself in language without booking an expensive plane ticket.
  • Learning a language by listening to hours of videos and audio of real native speakers teaching you.
  • People who want to learn super useful vocabulary and phrases that they’ll genuinely use.
  • Motivation. Our courses are fun: reach into your pocket and start learning on your own time.

Memrise is less awesome for:

  • People who only want a piece of paper or certificate to prove they’ve learned something.
  • If you want to speak like a bored robot…

Wait a minute. You’re just saying this because this is Memrise.com? Well, actually… NO.  

Learning a language should be fun and easy. That’s why our keen team of language specialists have worked tirelessly to create what we consider the best software platform to learn languages.



Other reasons Memrise is the best app for learning a language:

  • It’s designed for an agile learning experience. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • You can use our app to learn all major languages. And even learn several languages at the same time.
  • Need to stop your lesson abruptly? No problem. Our app automatically saves your progress so you won’t lose anything.
  • It keeps track of your daily streak to hit you with that extra boost of motivation to keep learning.
  • It works both as an iPhone AND android application to learn languages.
  • Out of signal? Rather not use mobile data? Our offline mode lets you download all the content on your phone so you can learn a language without needing WIFI or mobile data.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through our complete guide to learning a language. You must be excited about getting started.

Our app immerses you in authentic language. Whatever language you want to learn, we’ll help you get there.


Learn a language with Memrise now!